Photographer Raj Shetye Receives Backlash Over Photo Series ‘glamorizing’ Rape

Raj Shetye, whose The Wrong Turn series imitates the 2012 gang rape and murder of a young woman on a bus, has defended his photos in an interview with The Huffington Post . He says that the purpose of the fashion shoot was to raise awareness about the issue of female safety in India. “It is not based on Nirbhaya, the Mumbai-based photographer told BuzzFeed . Shetye added that “This is in no way meant to glamorise the act, which was very bad. Its just a way of throwing light on it. He also clarified why the clothes worn by the models were made by high-end designers, whose names were unique prom dresses omitted on purpose. The message I would like to give is that it doesnt matter who the girl is, he said. It doesnt depend on which class she belonged in it can happen to anyone. We stay in a society where rich people roam in cars, and poor people who roam in public transport are in danger, he added.

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Before he fired, he was armed with a high-powered weapon and was “in charge” of the situation, Nel said. Pistorius should not go free whether the court believes he thought there was an intruder behind the door or not, he said. Calling the Olympic sprinter an “appalling” witness, Nel said the evidence from the bullet holes in the toilet door suggests Pistorius had time to think and looked down the sights of the gun as he fired. Defense: Prosecution made numerous errors Defense attorney Barry Roux began his closing arguments by alleging the state made mistakes. He cited multiple instances of Nel calling Pistorius a liar, yet only providing only one example.

Oscar Pistorius trial: last day of closing arguments –

Many students will head back to school wearing a uniform or conforming to a dress code policy. There are some ways you can freshen up that look and this morning Belk stopped by the morning show to show off a few. They alsowentover ways parents can change up the look. Copyright 2014 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. All rights reserved.


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