3 Red Carpet-approved Braids To Try Now

Vote Now in Urgent Poll North Korea’s late leader Kim Jong Il, who ruled for 17 years until his death in 2011, sported a bouffant hairstyle, reportedly in order to look taller. However, the country has generally sought shorter hair styles for its men over the last decade. According to the Daily Mail, North Korean state TV launched a five-part series in 2005 titled “Let us trim our hair in accordance with Socialist lifestyle” to promote short hair among males. The show would employ hidden cameras to catch “rebel” North Koreans who were breaking the strict hairstyle free code. The makers of the program named and shamed individuals who chose to cut their hair differently, and even claimed men should keep their hair shorter than two inches and have it cut every 15 days because having long hair would drain their brains of energy.
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15 Chic Summer Hairstyles For 2014

save: Designer lookalikes for spring News flash: Your youth fix doesn’t have to come in a bottle-or a needle. Your hairstyle could actually take years off (or add them to) your look. Don’t believe us? Check out these celebrities-each one gorgeous, of course, but also looking older due to certain overly perfect hairdos. Anti-aging tip number one? Mess it up a little. More from Allure:
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Apply a texturizing spray (try Garnier De-Constructed Beach Chic Texturizing Spray, $4; cvs.com ) and dry shampoo to add grip. 2. Gather hair to the side and secure it with an elastic where you want the braid to start. Divide the tail in two. 3.
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My braided daydreams never get past the imagination stage because the tutorials are too complicated and Im not a freaking wizard. I prefer more low-key and simple hairstyles anyway, but maybe Im just sour. Some Pinterest braids are just ridiculously complex and puzzlingly ornate. Sure, we all sort of want to look like fairies, mermaids, and space princesses, but not all of us have the hair or the skills for it. Maybe some wildly coordinated people with eight pairs of surgeon-steady hands, 100 mirrors and all the time in the world will be able to master braided hair-dos on their own heads, but if youre a putz like me, chances are youll end up tearing your own hair out just trying. Here are 10 unnecessarily complicated braids from Pinterest:
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10 Unnecessarily Complicated Braid Tutorials You Can Attempt On Pinterest

You can try this messy hairdo with wavy hair using clutcher. Chic Summer Hairstyles For 2014 11/16 Vintage Hairstyle Priyanka Chopra tried this vintage inspired hairstyle which looked chic and stylish. The side swept wavy bangs looked nice with the hair bun. Chic Summer Hairstyles For 2014 12/16 Slight Bangs Women with straight hair can get short bangs for the summer. It looks cool and chic as well. Chic Summer Hairstyles For 2014 13/16 Front Braid Instead of wearing a hair band, you can braid the front hair and get the desired look. Chic Summer Hairstyles For 2014 14/16 Swept Back Hair Emma Watson recently carried this fashionable hairstyle at Noah premiere in Berlin.
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Cool Shoes For The Season

Goodie Two Shoes is giving away more than 400 pairs of new shoes and socks to students at one elementary school. The foundations goal is to provide disadvantaged children and children in crisis with new shoes and socks. One of the founders of the foundation Nikki Berti tells the Las Vegas Morning News the goal is ten thousand pairs of new shoes a year She says since its founding Goodie Two Shoes has given away almost 50-thousand pairs of new shoes/ She says youngsters cant concentrate in school if their shoes are too small. Goodie Two Shoes depends on corporate and private donations. More information can be found at goodietwoshoes.org
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Why does she have to make it so difficult? Your problem is one of the most common (and challenging!) ones that parents write me about, so please don’t feel that it is not important. Daily battles over ordinary tasks like getting shoes on can wear down even the most patient parent. Here are my thoughts: Don’t take it personally. Little children have very little say over their lives. They’re told what they can eat, when they can eat it, where they fancy dresses have to go, who they can play with and when they have to go to bed, all while trying to establish a sense of independence.
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There are sites that are specifically dedicated for manufacturing and selling branded shoes at cost effective rates. Among the Jordan range of shoes the most famous ones are the Air Jordans that are loved by huge amount of people. While buying shoes one of the important things to be observed is the quality of the shoe and its shine. The cheap foamposites are one synthetic material that give the shoes and sneakers a different look and gives them a cool design. Foamposite is a quality shoe material that keeps the shoe light in weight and helps in maintaining perfect stability.
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3 Tips for Finding Feel-Great Running Shoes

Upon its first launch of Harmonica Digital, the South Florida-based company developed a ‘shoe recognition’ technology that allows its users to scan photos of shoes. In turn, the app will showcase a list of nearby stores or websites that carry the appropriate shoe style along with a retail price. In other words, users can take a photo of a pair of shoes from a magazine or public, and find out exactly where to purchase the shoes from. The app also serves as a social community where users can obtain fashion inspiration and exclusive discounts on shoes in various areas around the world. Developed by entertainment and television business guru, Walter Bernacca, the app takes an innovative approach to technology. Prior to developing Shoes Dsire, Bernacca served as director and producer for notable brands such as HBO, E! Entertainment and Warner Bros.
Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/shoes-dsire-launches-revolutionary-technology-for-the-fashion-world

He turns to an almost minimalist mood using a natural colour palette, contrasting textures and urban materials. Regarding elements infused into the collaboration, Cox said on http://www.flare.com: I wanted to use Geoxs technology and Italian construction with my strengths. The collection is all about using more traditional uppers. Im obsessed with brogues right now, so we made hybrid shoes something that you would assume would have a traditional sole, we put a funky sneaker sole on it. Similar to the womens collection, Cox also does textual contrasts where derby shoes, Chelsea boots and sneakers in supple butter soft suede are dipped in glossy paint and further enhanced by two-tone aspects such as tan and orange, black and white and sand and milk. Cox brings histechnicolour vision toa vibrant sneaker .
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ID your running style Ninety-four percent of runners hit the ground with their heel first. If thats you, opt for shoes with plenty of heel padding to support the impact. Get the perfect fit Athletic shoes should be cozy the moment you lace up. Forgo too-loose or too-tight styles. Also make sure theres about half an inch between your big toe and the front of the sneaker. Newer models have uppers with fewer seams, which lowers your chance of getting blisters.
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