1920s Hairstyles That Defined The Decade, From The Bob To Finger Waves (PHOTOS)

From the bootleggers who smuggled moonshine across state lines to the women’s suffrage movement that helped to secure the right to vote, the Roaring Twenties caused quite a commotion. Another highlight of the ’20s that exemplified change was the evolution of women’s hairstyles. Ladies were saying goodbye to their long Victorian locks and welcoming much shorter hairdos. The mass appeal of this trend wasn’t accepted by many salons, so barbers became the go-to for 1920s hairdressing . Armed with close-cutting scissors known as shears, these bold women were in well-trained hands. Elaborate and expensive jewels worn as headpieces added a feminine touch.
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/08/1920s-hairstyles-photos_n_3720290.html

16, when she shared a picture of her boarding a private jet en route to New York City. In the shot, taken head-on, her cut looks like a conventional pixie, not unlike the one that her peer Beyonce debuted on Aug. 7. In the following photos, though, it becomes apparent that there’s nothing conventional about her new hairstyle; shots taken from the back reveal long strands at the base of her neck. An Aug. 18 Instagram picture of Rihanna’s new rat tail mullet from the back. Credit: Courtesy of Rihanna PHOTOS: Rihanna through the years In July, Rihanna rocked an asymmetrical undercut (long on one side, buzzed on the other), but she had it all shorn evenly in August for a curly short ‘do that she sported while visiting her native Barbados, where she shared many pics via Instagram of her natural, beachy look (not to mention amazing bikini body ).
Source: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-style/news/rihanna-debuts-new-rat-tail-mullet-hairstyle-2013208

Reflexion’s TEAM Style gifts hairstyles:

Now, Rihanna has adopted what looks like a retro mullet, complete with a Mohawk tail. The 25-year-old posted a picture to her Instagram account on Tuesday showing the oft-mocked hairstyle in all its glory as she stands with her back to the camera at a McDonalds in New York City. Questionable style: Rihanna unveiled her new mullet-style hairdo in an Instagram picture on Monday taken in New York City The Stay singer is seen wearing her River Island collection bra and underwear with the words G4 Life written on the elasticised band. The picture reveals long strands of Rihanna’s hair at the base of her neck, while the rest is shorn short. Rihanna first showed off her new style over the weekend when she larked around with a friend on a private jet to New York City.
Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2398452/Rihannas-mullet-Singer-unveils-new-hairdo-Instagram-picture.html

3 most unattractive women’s hairstyles (according to Japanese men)

I made the mistake of telling her that. (male, 32) I feel like girls are trying too hard to be artsy when they get their bangs cut super straight. (male, 26) If a girl has a chiseled face and thick, straight bangs, she looks like a Japanese doll. (male, 27) Bangs so long and this website straight that they completely cover a womans eyebrows came in at number three on our countdown of the least attractive haircuts for women, according to men. This is also a very popular style in Japan right now, making many men cringe as they walk down the street to a sea of their most hated hairstyle. To men, women with this hairstyle dont look down to earth, often seeming to be trying too hard. Maybe the men are afraid of all those secrets they are hiding in those long frontal locks. The cut also reminds guys of a Japanese doll, which contrary to what you might think, is a turn off for them. 2 Very short It makes a girls head look strangely big. (male, 46) If youre not attractive, youre going to just look like a man, so its best not to get this hairstyle if you cant call yourself beautiful. (male, 29) The second least favorite cut of the bunch was the very short style.
Source: http://www.japantoday.com/category/lifestyle/view/the-3-most-unattractive-womens-hairstyles-according-to-japanese-men

Rihanna unveils new hairdo in Instagram picture…and this time it’s the dreaded mullet

The stylists at Reflexions wanted to help the community, but like many of us during that time, extra money was hard to come by. Deborah Davis, owner of Reflexions said the stylists decided, We may not have money to give, but we can cut hair and Team STYLE was born. Team STYLE Stylists Teaching Youth Love and Education has expanded a bit beyond just haircuts. When the youths come into the salon, they are given a goodie bag with a new toothbrush, comb and hairbrush. While giving the clients their new hair styles, the stylists also give them loving words and hygiene education.
Source: http://mulletwrapper.net/2013/08/reflexions-team%e2%80%88style-gifts-hairstyles/


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